Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Necromunda doors in 3D Zone Mortalis

Hi all

I have been painting the Necromunda bulkheads up to add to my Zone Mortalis board with excitement (the Imperial ones are a bit too Loyalist for Horus). So I was a bit shocked when they didn't fit. . .
I have not seen any mention that they are compatible anywhere, so it was a bad assumption on my part I guess. 
They should be the same width as two floor tiles and as you can see above, we have around 4-5mm of overlap. The Zone Mortalis boards are subject to a fair bit of warpage / deformation in the casting process, so I thought I would try a different tile. 

Same issue. Oh damn it. Maybe a different door?

Nope. That didn't work either. Oh. 

Or 3.

Filing or sanding the Door down too isn't an option (loss of detail). 

Success!! The little door fits. 

But not this one!

Oh that's why. One is wider than the other.  

Well I guess the doors are meant to be used with the 2D Zone Mortalis game, so no big whoop. Would have been nice though. 

They fit between 2 boards quite well, but there can be a slight separation. 

Drake Seta

Monday, 20 November 2017

Bad Moon Orks: Trukk

Hello everyone,

I'm back to give you an update on my fledgling Ork army!

As promised in my last post, I'll be showing the first of probably two trukks for the Orks..

Here it is with the boyz. I am pretty happy with how it turned out, I sprayed the whole model with Leadbelcher Spray paint and then began to add the other base colours.

The base colours did take quite a long time to complete as I had to go over the silver with a coat of Ceramite White before applying the Yriel Yellow. I also used other shades of sliver and a bronze to give the metal some variety.

For the washes I used a Seraphim Sepia wash into the recesses of the yellow panels and then used Lahmian Medium to thin down the sepia wash for another two coats only on the lower half of the panels. The second and third coats do need to be relatively thinned down as you want it to be subtle without any tidal marks.

For washing the metals I used a wash of Seraphim Sepia all over the metal areas being careful to avoid any pooling. Followed by a wash of Agrax Earth Shade to create an easy rusty/muddy look to the metal.

For the yellow I then dry brushed Screaming Skull onto the edges and upper areas to add some rough looking highlights.

The battle damage was then applied using a sponge to dab on some Doombull Brown followed by Leadbelcher. The Leadbelcher was mostly just sponged onto some of the panel edges so the Doombull Brown is the most visible weathering.


As always there are areas I have noticed for improvement or a bit of a touch up. I'll probably add some more Runefang Steel to the edges of the black to make it stand out a bit more.

Overall though I am very pleased with the result.

So I hope you like it, next time i'll show you my first now completed killa kan. I have also decided to do the basing on the Orks again as I found I got a much better result on the base of the killa kan. I just didn't rush the dry brushing!

Thanks for reading!

Aveinus Kaane

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Weekly Progress Report 19/11/2017

Hi all

Busy week this week. Let's see what the gang all did:

Kaelo has started to work on his Goliath Gang. He followed Duncans guide with only a couple of deviations.

Darien has been continuing work on his mortalis board! 8 have now had the metal washed!

As well as continuing to paint his next ork boy squad Aveinus has been assembling 10 of 20 stormboyz. Also playing a small 40k game against Kaelo where both armies wiped each other out other than just two wounds being left on kaelos redemptor dreadnought!

I have been working on my Escher gang this week. They are getting quite far along now. I hope to finish them in the next two weeks. 

Drake Seta

Friday, 17 November 2017

Forge World New Releases 17/11/2017

Hi all. 

A few new Pre-orders up today on FW.  

Gor Half-Horn. 

Necromunda 3rd editions' new character. If this is what we are expecting from Forge World in the Hired Gun range, then we are going to be in for a fantastic ride with the Specialist Games range. Karloff and I are going to pick him up on the 25th at the 40k open day. 

The Primaris ranges' first super heavy. Very nicely painted. 

Drake Seta

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Kaelo Rylanus: Primaris Ultramarine Update

Hello all

Tonight I wanted to have a look at my current Warhammer 40,000 project - Primaris Ultramarines. I will be discussing the fluff and the army as a model range, in which I will be showing some work on my own models and some of the changes I have made to them.

First off I want to say that I love the community, we have some truly outstanding artists, fantastic creativity and great discussions, but sometimes there is also a lot of vitriol. I am happy for people to voice opinions bur if you feel the need to spout off any 'Primarsoles' remarks due to the content ofy post, please send them to me privately and we can have a discussion about it or just go and do something better with your time. It isn't big, it isn't clever and there is certainly no need for it. With that said let me tell you what I like and dislike about the fluff and the models:

Fluff Spoiler Alert:
I have read Gathering Storm book 3 and also Dark Imperium book by Guy Haley and I have to say I really enjoyed both stories. I won't be looking at the fluff from GS3 in this post. The first few chapters of Dark Imperium are set in the Scouring and features the fight between Roboute Guilliman and Daemonic Fulgrim. This part of the book is really cool and features some well known Heresy characters. The book then jumps to around 115 years after the GS3 events - a period that I believe is key. The development of this period, for me, would have been a massive opportunity to bridge the gap between Space Marines and Primaris Marines. Instead we go from a point where they don't exist to a point where they are already established in the fluff. Even a trilogy or series of shorts would have maybe made the transition more palatable. Obviously that is a long period of time and if it was properly fleshed out it would leave 40k the game in a state of limbo for a prolonged period of time, which I am sure GW wouldn't have wanted. I believe this 115 year jump was probably the lesser of 2 evils. Either the story went slow and model releases would have to match it or vice versa.

Aside from the timeline there is some fluff in Dark Imperium about how Cawl has actually used the geneseed from all 20 Primarchs to create the wave of Primaris. However, Guilliman refuses to sanction the implementation of the other 11. This was a tremendous scene and one that made the book worth reading on its own. Cawl basically says 'If you make me Fabricator General of Mars I will give you the Galaxy' to Guilliman. I smell a future Heresy, which to be honest I really hope not. I don't want just another rehashed civil war as I think it lacks originality.

Guilliman also reinstates the Tetrachs of Ultramar, something he sees as a good framework for the Imperium. Maybe those old rumours of different chapters having their own realms isn't that far off...

As a whole I would give the new fluff 3/10 - half baked. But this doesn't mean I don't like the new miniatures. To be honest I think they are the nicest marines I have ever painted. This is mainly down to the size. I have always wanted marines to feel like they are in the books and I think Primaris rules really fit that and this is where I deviate from the fluff for now. Intercessors are tactical marines with bolters as far as I am concerned. Reivers are scouts, Inceptors are Assault squads and the Dreadnought is a Dreadnought. I would love some true scale terminators instead of Aggressors but hey-ho. I am ignoring the flying tanks and will be fielding Rhino and Land Raider variants instead. My army should look like a marine army when complete! Let's take a look at the changes I have made to my units to, in my opinion, improve them:


As you can see, I have bastardised bits from the Inceptor kit onto a standard Primaris marine. In my opinion it looks better because I am not a fan of the foot stirrups/ high heels or their poses. I am thinking about doing a close combat squad for these guys too.


For me, this is a case of less is more. They had wires, cables and ammo running all over the model. I simply cut them back a bit. 

Redemptor Dreadnought:

I like the Redemptor kit but once I had read the remark 'it looks pregnant' I couldn't unsee it lol. I have left off the hatch that went over the front of the sarcophagus, which I feel gives it more of a classic look.

All I need is some truescale Terminators now :D

I hope that you like some of the changes I have made. Next time I will have a look at how I plan to field them as well as some more finished models. Please leave comments below :)

Until next time, stay fluffy!


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Battle Bunnies: Necromunda Unboxing videos

Hi all

We have been fortunate enough to get our hands on a pre-released copy of Necromunda and Gang war. 

So I have Unboxed Necromunda and have shared my comments in these videos:

Part 1

Part 2

A few tantalising little bits. 
The Merchant Guild: Could this be the way to construct your own Gang with different Gang members from different houses? akin to the Blood Bowl Underworld Deizens team. If so that would be very cool to have such a diverse group of gangers with different skill sets. But obviously that would come with their own form of restrictions and pit-falls/grudges. 

Brat Gangs: 
These have been mentioned as gangers from up-hive, who have access to JETBIKES!!! Akira anyone?! Yes please. That would be awesome. Biker gangs would certainly be something I would like to see. 

There is a mention of Shantytowns around hives and in Hab-zones. This would be a great opportunity for Specialist games/FW to do a shanty kit, akin to the River Houses for LOTR. 

Imperial Fists, Eldar and SQUATS:
Hive Primus has a fortress monestry as well as zones where permitted Xenos races (Eldar and Squats) are allowed to trade. Wow. That is pretty cool. 

Sisters of Battle:
Sisters of Battle also have a presence on Necromunda. They reside in the Tremnos Hive. 

Lots of military tunnels were constructed into the bedrock of Necromunda. These are used as military tunnels and transit ways between the Hives. As they are constantly being updated by the Imperials, many obsolete or redundant tunnels are adopted by clans and groups, and forbidden cities are built. 

I hope you enjoy our videos.

Drake Seta

Monday, 13 November 2017

Coming Soon: A Beastman in the Underhive?

Ooooh. This is getting exciting. Here I was expecting the first Hired Gun to be a classic like Mad Donna, but no. We have this guy called Gor Half-Horn. 

The next generation of Necromunda is less than two weeks away, but it’s only just the beginning. Whether you’re planning on playing with the warrior-women of House Escher or conquering the underhive through the might of House Goliath, thanks to Forge World, you’ll be able to add a bestial bounty hunter to your roster – if you’ve got the credits.

Wherever he’s from, Gor makes for a valuable asset in your Gang War campaigns. If you’re rich in credits, but your Gangers have an unfortunate habit of dying, or you really, really need a particular rival in the campaign taken out, you can hire Gor for a single game. On the tabletop, he’s a terror, combining mutant strength with a LOT of firepower and a pretty awful temper – whatever you do, if your opponent hires Gor, do NOT let him charge you!

Gor Half-Horn’s rules and fighter card are included with the model, as well as rules for adding him to your gang in both one-off and campaign games of Necromunda. This is just the first of what Forge World has planned for the game of gang warfare in the 41st Millennium – like Blood Bowl, there are plenty of awesome models in the pipeline to support the plastic ktis and gangs you’ve already seen. 

This guy will be available to pre-order on Friday, meaning if you get yours, he should show up around the same time as the rest of your Necromunda orders.

*narrowly beating out pacifists and the insufficiently pious, but falling just short of psykers and heretics…

I like the fact his pack comes with his card too. That is a nice touch. 

The model looks incredible. 

Drake Seta

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Weekly Progress Report 12/11/2017

Hi all

Happy Remembrance Sunday

Been a slow week for all, but also an exciting one. 

Kaelo has continued assembling his Primaris marines and painting the pillars for Sector Mechanicus. Here is a picture of his assembled Redemptor dreadnought. He has left that hatches off of the front so that it has a more 'classic' look. He will be showing more of his Primaris on the 16th, including a look at the fluff.

I have been working on Terrain (as always it seems now). It takes forever to do anything when you want the end result to be pretty. 

I have also been doing the finishing touches to my Mortalis transfers (black and coloured). So hopefully I will find a way of putting them up for all to use in the coming few weeks. 

Also some good news: we will be reviewing Necromunda underhive and Gang war in the coming 2 weeks and sharing our thoughts on this much anticipated game. Hopefully, all of this gang war malarkey will make this terrain pain worth it. 

Drake Seta. 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Sector Mechanicus Stanchions

Good evening!

Tonight I wanted to have a quick update of the project I am currently working on. Drake and myself have amassed a fairly sizable warzone of Sector Mechanicus terrain. This is mainly for Warhammer 40,000 and 30,000 games bit we are also gearing up for Necromunda - which we are both buzzing for!

We have divided up the sets into projects to work on and I am doing all of the stanchions. In all we have about 36 of these (currently) and as such we wanted to find a quick and awesome scheme. Luckily for us, during the planning stage, Games Workshop's Duncan did a fantastic guide for quick and easy stanchions which can be found here:

Of course, these still take up a lot of time and I have been trying to do a night a week on them while also working on my Primaris army, Shadespire reviews, grass board and terrain and other Age of Sigmar projects. Here is a picture of one of my finished stanchions. 

I have also been going through boxes upon boxes of models and assembling them so that I can make more space in my hobby wardrobe. It has been successful so far. I have nearly assembled four full armies that I will do a round-robin on eventually.

Tonight was just a quick post but I will be back on the 16th with a bigger update on my hobby going-ons. 

Stay fluffy!


Sunday, 5 November 2017

Weekly Progress Report 05/11/2017

Hi all

A busy week for all, so only a little amount of hobby progress has been made. 

Darien has been working on his Zone Mortalis this week! All 24 tiles now have all base coats on. Work has started on painting the pipes on to of each tile!

Atia continued to work on the Death Guard - this week a Tallyman (formerly known as Master of Signal of the First Great company) got finished! Next on the painting table is an Apothecary and some Poison Ship officers. 

Kaelo has kitbashed an Ogor Tyrant from an Orruk Megaboss!

And I have managed to find one hour after finishing work to plod on with the Sector Mechanicus terrain I have been amassing. 

Drake Seta