Sunday, 10 December 2017

Weekly Progress Report 10/12/2017

Not many days to go until Xmas. Our Bunnies have been hard at work, so let's see what they have been up to. 

Kaelo has been continuing with his Goliath gang and also managed to play the first scenario this week. Here is a picture of his Goliath (more of this week):

Atia used this week to work on some Zone Mortalis conversions!

Darien has been airbrushing in the floor and walls on his Zone mortalis board.

I have not had too much hobby time this week as I near Xmas. I did finish for Escher Gangers (see yesterday's post). But I did manage to dip my toe into the new Necromunda game using the basic ruleset, with Kaelo. Here are some pics below. 

Drake Seta

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Mulieres Mortis: first four gangers

Hi all

So I have finished my first four gangers for my house Escher gang Mulieres Mortis. I have chosen to do them all in day of the dead make up, red armour plates (Gal Vorbak red > Word Bearer Red > Angron Red Clear), gold trim, zebra skin animal hides and very colourful hair. 

Teri Vinci

Kessi "Sooty" Luniesca

Calli "The Artist" Singella

Rikku "Fugg off" Hoopell

The names of the girls will be explained with some narrative I want to write in time. They are getting some character now which is cool. 

Thanks for reading. 

Drake Seta

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Hector Cephas: Building an army in sub-assemblies

Hi all,

I'm wondering how many hobbyists build their models (big and small) in sub-assemblies to make painting their details easier. As you may have seen from my weekly update the week before last, I've been going through the process of building the plastic Skitarii kits for my Tech Thralls and Secutarii in sub-assemblies - the reason being I don't want to miss some of the detailing on the chests and also get the inside of the long coats right.

It's an interesting one as normally I'd only worry about it for characters like when I built and painted Tylos Rubio a last year as a mini hobby challenge - to be fair, that was an extreme example as it would have been more accurate to say I painted and built him as I painted everything individually before assembling - but I feel as these models are so detailed I think they deserve a bit more attention.

As I am planning on building and painting a lot of models in this fashion (100+) for this army alone, do you guys think this is the road to hobby madness or do you have some awesome hints or tips about painting hard to reach areas on a model that would otherwise still be visible on a model? I'll be interested in hearing about your experiences with painting in sub assemblies or whether you think it's overkill to do so and you have a good way around the problem!

Until next time!

Hector Cephas

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Necromunda barricades finished

Hi all. 

Managed to finish my first 9 barricades for Necromunda. I have made a deal with Kaelo, whereby I give him 5 of these painted in exchange for 5 unpainted ones and him painting my loot crates. The reason behind this was the want to do some different styles of barricades to break up the battlefield look. So the idea is to do some of different colours (as if they were pieces of painted metal slabs/doors etc). I then want to put some gang graffiti on them to make them look very underhivey. 

I then decided to knock out the priority marker in the same scheme. 

I am pleased with the results, especially as it was so easy to do. 

Even found time to do the tickle monster. 

Drake Seta

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Bad Moon Orks: Killa Kan

Hello everyone,

I'm back to show you another update on my Bad Moon Ork army!

The next model to be completed is the Killa Kan, I have only completed one of a probable three so far though.

Although I am really happy with how this model came out, it was a pain to paint and seemed to take an age!

By spraying the model with Corax White for the undercoat, I then had to paint on the Yriel Yellow and make sure there was no white areas still showing through. Between doing this and adding the other base colours, it took a lot of perseverance to keep going back and touching areas up slightly.

I was much happier with how the base turned out on this model, I didn't rush it like I did with the Ork Boyz, so I will be going back and basing them again. I will then add a few grass tufts here and there just to add a bit more variety to the base.

Having played a few games with the Killa Kans, they are much better than they previously were but they are still very slow. So although they performed fairly well in the first game, in the second they were both destroyed easily before they got close to the enemy.

At I think 62 points with a rocket launcha (This may have gone down in the leaked chapter approved points) they are quite a points sink for something that doesn't do much in the game and tactically doesn't have a lot of significance either. Their inclusion is just because I love how they look!

So if you have had success with them let me know how! I do like the scorchas now, but they're no good if I can't get close enough with them!

So I think there will just be one Killa Kan in the force for a while now, the next one is primed and ready so when I have the chance I will get the next one started.

However, myself and Kaelo have now given ourselves a goal of completing 550 points by the time we play our first campaign game in the first week of January. So I have two more Ork Boyz to finish before completing some Stormboyz and then some Ork Nobz!

I do have a fair amount of time off over the course of December so I will hopefully achieve this!

So thanks again for reading, next time i'll have the second squad of Ork Boyz completed and then some campaign content in January!

Aveinus Kaane

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Weekly Progress Report 03/12/2017

Hi guys. 

Let's show you what we have all been working on. 

Atia finished Typhus, former First Captain and Herald of the Plague God. Now that the Death Guard is battle ready, the next thing to do is a nice Zone Mortalis Necromunda Board ...

Hector has continued doing conversions for his Mechanicum army. He had a random idea during the week along the lines of "you know what an abeyant needs? Legs!"

Kaelo has had a busy week with work and has found limited time to work on his Goliath gang. He has put down most of the base colours for the gang and they are probably only a paint session or 2 away from being completed. He has  managed to complete the gangs bases too, again following the Warhammer TV guide.

Darien has been continuing with his Zone Mortalis board. Not much progress this week, hopefully next week will see some big leaps forward with the project!!

I myself have been working on the initial 4 gangers required for the Turf War mission. Hopefully I will get them wrapped up on Tuesday night. 

What have you been up to? How are your gangs coming along?

Drake Seta

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Necromunda Bulkhead doors

Hi all

So I have managed to get all of the Necromunda bulkheads finished now. 

So firstly I sprayed them Chaos Black. I then drybrushed Leadbelcher all over them. 

I then followed this with an Agrax Earthshade and a Nuln oil wash. As always, I am never truly happy with how washes affect a model, so I topped / cleaned it up with another light drybrush of Leadbelcher. 

To weather I used two techniques. Firstly I made a pin wash concoction of: 1 pot Lahmian medium and two splodges (turn the paint pot upside down over the Lahmian Medium and let two dollops drop in) of Mournfang brown. This was then painted into recesses here and there and around bolts, to give a rusted look. 

I then bust out the Old rust weathering powder and added this here and there (I actually used the new Necromunda logo for inspiration for this too). 

This coming Wednesday Kaelo and I will be playing through the first Necromunda scenario with our gangs. Please come and have a view. We may even try to record the game and put it up on the site. 

Drake Seta

Friday, 1 December 2017

The Horus Heresy and Necromunda weekender

My favourite event of the year has a new title. Not sure if it is a one off title or whether it is an ongoing one, but we will see. 

The Horus Heresy series is in a small slump at the moment it feels, but I hope that it will be ramping up again before or at this event. Having Necromunda as part of it is actually a good addition in my opinion as I totally love the game system and it was mine and Kaelo's favourite game. Going forward, I would actually like it if it was just named either "Forge World Weekender" or "Forge World and Specialist Games weekender". Having Blood Bowl, Adeptus Titanicus, Hobbit, Necromunda and of course the Horus Heresy, at one whole weekender would be very interesting indeed in my opinion. 

Once more we purchased pre-release tickets, so some Bunnies will be in attendance. We won the Horus Heresy quiz last year, so we hope to do so again in 2018!! We may need to brush up on our Necromunda history though. 

Did you snag a ticket?

Drake Seta

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Necromunda barricades (painting rusty ones)

Hi all

A couple of days ago I asked everyone for suggestions on how to paint rusty effects on bulkheads etc. Thanks for all of your suggestions, and it did help me a lot. 

Firstly I undercoated black and then sprayed it Mournefang Brown. I then drybrushed dryad bark over it sporadically (yes it is darker, the reason why is because I want some orange in the recesses). 

I then dipped my little finger in dark iron weathering pigment and brushed it all over. I then did a little drybrush of the powder too for the hard to reach places. 

I then used orange rust and old rust weathering powders across the piece. 

I then drybrushed it again to even it out. 

Followed by a little bit more dark iron weathering powder. 

I'm quite happy with how it has turned out. I will be using the technique on a few more barricades, but I will also be using the hairspray (with sugar here and there too possibly), airbrush a colour, scratch off and oil wash streaks technique on them too possibly. 

Drake Seta

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Big Necromunda Display board

Hi all. 

The 40k open day was also our first opportunity to see the Necromunda Display board that Warhammer World has been working on. 

If you have some great Necromunda terrain why not email us at thebattlebunnies(at) and we can showcase it for you. 

Drake Seta